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Hi there, I'm a university student studying social sciences, and I've always been around to help people with anything troubling them. I love listening and providing a neutral prospective on events and just being there whenever i'm needed. I've been through a lot in my life and have always remained positive and tried to solve any problem that comes my way in a neutral and just manner. I'm a friendly and outgoing guy and i'm happy to be here to help with any general issues you may have or just for a good o'l friendly chat :) Guess going into depth a little if you want to know a bit more about me: Final year undergraduate student studying Human Geography and Economics in Wales, Born and raised in London, and my heritage goes back to Kazakhstan. I have a passion for social studies and learning just anything there is to know about humanity. I'm going on to do a masters in regional policy and international relations. Enough of the academic boring stuff :D, The things i like to do...I do love my music and my video games, I am a casual pc gamer and avid listener of electronic music, I just love vocal trance and the euphoria you feel when listening to it, I love my winter sports such as skiing and icehockey and have competed in the latter. I enjoy spending time outdoors and indoors with my lovely little pooch called Laika, who is a beagle. There you have a little overview of who i am, Please feel free to come talk to me whenever, i'm always around to listen and have a chat. Active times: Unfortunatley i've been bogged down with work and haven't been on in a while/relatively inactive...if you catch me then feel free to drop me a message and ill get right to you :) Many thanks :) Cenzii or Jenga :D